About Us


Invest and connect US and China Technology Innovation

Seven Seas Partners is founded by Jeff Xiong(former CTO of Tencent) in Sept 2014.“Seven Seas” are the seven bodies of water for trade routes from the West to China, recorded by ancient Arabian books, and means “all over the world” in English. Seven Seas Partners devotes itself to the investment of startups in US and China, so that the bridge to connect the entrepreneurs and markets of both countries can be established.

Seven Seas Partners focuses on the investment of early growth/growth enterprises of IOTH and high-technology.

Why Invest and Connect US/China Technology Innovation?

  • Technology sector is the engine of growth that drives the US economy, and China is the largest market opportunity for the US tech industry.
  • US and China are the world’s two largest economies and innovation ecosystems.
  • China’s technology industry historically looked to US for inspiration & innovation. However, China has begun to lead in areas involving mobile Internet and hardware.
  • US and Chinese economies are increasingly integrated and cross-levered. Their previously separate technology ecosystems are now starting to converge across multiple fronts.
  • Chinese companies are increasingly looking to acquire technology, intellectual property, brands and platforms in the US market.
  • US companies remain interested in China’s large consumer market, strong manufacturing base and large, competitive pool of engineering talent.

Value Proposition

  • Bridge US companies to China
  • Bring Chinese models and companies to the US market
  • Build a cross-border US-China technology community and ecosystem association

Investment Thesis

  • Internet of Things and Humans (IoTH)
  • Consumer and Mobile Internet
  • Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure and Services


  • We seek founders with bold, game-changing ideas, not incremental feature changes.
  • Focus on early/early growth (seed to Series B)
  • Investing across the US and Greater China


  • Align key IoTH operators and establish end-to-end IoTH ecosystem by identifying high-potential targets early on through our network association
  • Leverage existing relationships and build solid business development capabilities in China
  • Co-invest with top-tier VCs and incubators with our unique China-US cross-border angle
  • Build strong identity in the US via brand-building, thought leadership and networking