2014 IDEAS Transboundary Summit of Internet and IoT

Session Time Topic Speakers
Session 1
Future Internet
9:10-9:30 Opening Remarks(Video) Jeff Xiong, Jeffrey Kang
Co-Chair of the Summit
9:30-10:00 Keynote1: Internet of Things and Humans(Video) Mike Muller
(ARM Founder&CTO)
10::00-10:30 Keynote2: Internet of New Energy(Video) Lei Zhang
Envision CEO
Session 2
Industry 4.0
10:55-11:15 Keynote 3: The Future of Possible(Video) Frank Wang
11:15-11:35 Revolutionizing Material Handling(Grabit)(Video) Harsha Prahlad
Co-Found &CTO
11:35-11:50 Robots: The Genie of Industry 4.0(Video) Sai Zhang(Jinan YiFei)
11:50-12:20 Panel 1: Industry 4.0 Moderated by Ivy Li(7 Seas Partner)(Video) Caisong Z(BYD), Harsha(Grabit), Frank Wang(DJI),Jacky Zhou(TCL)
Session 3
IoT and future life
13:40-13:55 Human Body: The next connected device (ProfUSA)(Video) Ben Hwang
13:55-14:10 Seeing is unbelievable(AVEGANT)(Video) Edward Tang
14:10-14:25 Create the Future of Transportation, Today(LitMotors)(Video) Danny Kim
Founder & CEO
14:25-14:50 Smart Wristband(Elemoon)(Video) Jing Zhou
14:50-15:20 Panel 2: IoT meets Internet     Moderated by Jeff Xiong(Video) Jack Xu(Sina President), Mel Yin(Tencent), Jeff Liu(Huawei), JP(Qingming), Shuhua Zhou(Kaiwu)
Session 4
Enabling Ecosystem
15:40-16:00 IoT for every device maker(Ayla)(Video) Philip Chang
Alya Founder
16:00-16:20 Keynote4: Leading the game of supply chain by adopting IoT(Video) Zhenhui Wang
16:20-16:50 Panel 3: Hardball Competition & Hardware Maker Ecosystem Moderated by Allen Wu(ARM China CEO)(Video) Jeffrey Kang, Qingyun Wu(Mindry), Frank Liang(Broadcom),JianGong Zhou(Forbes), Zhenhui Wang(JD), Haiyin Shen(360)